Our name Five Graces is drawn from the the 5 primary elements in Chinese medicine. These are also referred to as the the five gifts. Good health happens when these five elements are balanced and working together in harmony.

is a forceful wind or a graceful magnolia tree reaching for the sky. It is Spring with birth and growth. Within us, Wood instigates motivation, assertion and movement to reach our goals. Wood generates Fire. 

is brilliant and inclusive. Like Summer, it is abundant with the hum of bees and long full days, trembling with vibrant life. Within us, Fire is humor, affection, joy and imagination. Fire generates Earth.

is a gentle rolling hill, a long golden beach, or a staggering mountain range. Within us, Earth is family and friends. It is the fabric of life that we create and nurture with integrity. Earth generates Metal. 

is the rock on a high mounting peak. It is the time of Fall, of nature withering and returning to the soil. Within us, Metal is discipline, efficiency, and order. It is the ability to be selfless. Metal generates Water. 

is a quiet stream, a torrential rain, and the powerful rolling ocean. It is the hidden depths of strength, much like the Winter. All is in hibernation. Within us, it is introspection, independence, tenacity, and wisdom. Water generates Wood.