trying to get ahead of it all

My office building is currently under construction. When I look at the building or hear the work being done outside, I feel a great need to solve a problem. I get a frenetic energy to manage the situation before it happens…before it gets loud, before it impacts patients, before I can’t control it. My mind spins and I become incapable of seeing the situation clearly or knowing what to do with any clarity. This is an example of a common situation that I find myself in. I like to jump into the future to make sure “it all goes smoothly.” This is also something that I hear from my patients. Often this mindset causes significant fear, anxiety and stress…especially, when you don’t have enough information or it isn’t time to take action.

stop and be present

It is in these moments that I realize how important it is to be PRESENT. When you are present, you possess greater clarity and answers present themselves with greater ease. You also may find a solution that you would have never come across in all of your nervous energy to jump ahead. There are many ways to become more present, here are a couple of my favorites:

  1. Breathe. Just take a serious of deep breaths. Ask yourself questions like: Where am I? What is around me? What noises do I hear? What can I physically feel around me? What do I smell? Who is around? How am I feeling? What am I grateful for right now?
  2. Find a mindfulness practice. It can be meditation, yoga or anything else that allows you to be present. Some people find it through gardening, jogging or journaling. Try to do a little practice every day.
  3. Feel your feelings. I encourage you to sit with your feelings and simply observe them instead of trying to change them.

I encourage you to practice becoming present! It can have a profound impact on not only your mental and emotional health, but also your physical.